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OpenAI: The Catalyst for Innovation or the End for Startups?

OpenAI: The Catalyst for Innovation or the End for Startups?
Luka Gamulin
By Luka Gamulin ·

Will openAI kill all startups. The question all AI startup founders have on their mind when they wake up and think about when they go to sleep.

What We are Not Focusing on

OpenAI isn't just about creating a powerful CRM or a better search tool; they are focused on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) development. And though the implications and possibilities of AGI are debated widely, we're not here to enter that conversation.

Instead, let's focus on what we can learn from history when major technological changes emerge. And most importantly, what this means for startups today.

Understanding The Impact of Tech Innovations on Startups

The greater the technology change and the shorter the period of time, the more startups are advantaged.

The biggest innovations in history, such as modern farming, electricity, and the Internet, have invariably led to a boom in business opportunities. Moreover, startups have usually been better positioned to leverage these opportunities compared to incumbents.

Remember the Internet revolution? This period saw rapid, transformative changes, the creation of countless startups, and consequently, a new industry focused on startup funding. Drawing from history, we can anticipate a similar scenario with the onset of advanced AI technologies.

Why AI Will Not Kill Startups

Studying the current tech landscape reveals that significant AI developments can solve many real problems today that were unsolvable a year ago. This knowledge is empowering a new wave of AI-savvy founders who are leveraging AI to build better products and services.

Consider mobile apps. When the App Store first appeared, building a high-quality mobile app significantly boosted user retention. This development was so transformative that companies like Facebook nearly lost out due to slower adoption.

The advent of AI technology parallels that era, and resisting its integration due to perceived hype is missing out on a crucial opportunity. Yes, overhyped tech can encourage 'cargo culting' - the practice of superficially imitating successful tech without understanding the underlying utility. However, ignoring the potent capabilities of AI is an oversight.

Maximizing the AI Opportunity for Startups

AI is set to be as revolutionary as open-source backends or cloud computing and building companies on these technologies paid dividends. Even today, start-ups with AI tech that improves customer experience are not mere hype, but real and impactful businesses.

Founders today have an opportunity similar to the one we faced when cloud computing first emerged. If you have been working on AI for some time, you're probably familiar with the imminent explosion of possibilities. It's the perfect time to step into the ring and realize your AI-based entrepreneurial ambitions.

Simplicity can sometimes be the mother of great startups. A seemingly thin wrapper on OpenAI's existing technology could be the starting point for a successful company. As we saw with Dropbox, which was dismissed as a thin AWS wrapper initially. Do not shy away from starting simple, as long as there's a clear, customer-centric vision driving your efforts.

This is the time to build cool stuff. Use the existing tools to make people's lives better, their businesses better.

For now, the primary goal for companies like OpenAI is to achieve AGI. In the meantime, the opportunity to create value by applying and enhancing existing AI tech is wide open. Catastrophizing and echoing the notion of OpenAI ending startups is far from reality. The reality could be an outburst of exceptional startups revolutionizing industries with AI.

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Thank you for joining us on this blog post! If you are working or looking to work on a startup in this space, remember the value you can bring. Ignore the skeptics, be assertive, and focus on how you can enhance people's lives and businesses. The future is full of opportunities!

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